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Science behind "The Slowest Man on Earth":

The slowest man on earth traveled a little more than the length of
3 mid-sized cars in 45 minutes in the video.

A few days after this was shot I went outside and measured the

Here's the science:

The slowest man on earth was traveling roughly 2.4 ft/minute

The slowest man on earth was traveling roughly .027 mph

It would take him 36.67 hours to travel 1 mile

A turtle on land moves at 1.07 mph (40x faster then the old man)

It would take him 960.66 hours to finish the NYC Marathon,
that's over 40 FULL days (assuming he keeps pace)

Driving from New York City to Philadelphia and then back to
NYC would take you about 3 hours to do. If the old man
attempted this on foot he would have aged 1 year


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*Fun Fact 001:
If you scroll through the video (especially the QuickTime version)
you'll notice the footage go from day time to night time.

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Who is the slowest man on earth?
The truth? We don't know. We're hoping somebody who knows him will see this video and be able to tell us who this guy is.