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Story behind the video:

I came home from work one Thursday evening and as I was parking
my Vespa in a fenced-in parking lot across from my apartment, I
noticed a man standing in place looking forward. After further
inspection, I realized he wasn't standing still, he was moving forward
in a very slow methodic way, just shuffling his feet a few inches.

It was around 6:00 PM or so and I figured he MUST be lost or in need
of some help, so I asked him in a very sincerely manner if he wanted
me to call him a cab, he mumbled and shrugged me off without looking
at me. I then came closer and asked again if he was ok and needed to
call anyone. He then started cursing me out and yelling out me, so I
walked away and went inside.

I spent a few minutes making a bowl of cereal & watching the news,
then I went over to my window to see if the old man had made it down
the block. To my surprise he was only about 5ft. pass the point of our
earlier confrontation. I was completely amazed at this man. I opened
my window and witnessed 2 other people around him (obviously asking
if he needed help), but then I saw him swinging his arms and yelling at
them and they soon left.

Now I was intrigued, I got my camera, set it on the window and hit
record. I went back to watching TV with my girlfriend. After about
2 hours I went back to the window and he was gone. I just let my tape
film to the end, so I started to watch the footage and to my surprise
he was on the entire tape. 45 minutes were captured in total.

I sped the film up to be only 1 minute and posted it on YouTube, it
gathered attention slowly and once it reached the front page of
it started to recieve a lot of attention on YouTube. The video is now linked
from 100's of blogs and if you google "Slowest Man on Earth" or even
"slowest earth", you'll find 100's of sites with the video.

With exposure like that some people became offended, some admired
the man. There was a wide range of opinions. I think it shows the
perseverance of this man and his refusal to accept help is quite admirable.
Some laugh, some are offended, but I think this man refused to let his
age dictate his life and I can only wish I am as strong minded at his age.

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Who is the slowest man on earth?
The truth? We don't know. We're hoping somebody who knows him will see this video and be able to tell us who this guy is.