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Story behind the video:

I came home from work one Thursday evening and as I was parking
my Vespa in a fenced-in parking lot across from my apartment, I
noticed a man standing in place looking forward. After further
inspection, I realized he wasn't standing still, he was moving forward
in a very slow methodic way, just shuffling his feet a few inches.
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Music featured in the video:

The song you hear in the video is Green Day covering The Kinks
song "Tired of Waiting for you".

Song alternatives that didn't make the cut, but could have:
- "I'm Gonna Get There Somehow" - Val Doonican
- "The Waiting Is The Hardest Part" - Tom Petty
- The Benny Hill theme song


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Who is the slowest man on earth?
The truth? We don't know. We're hoping somebody who knows him will see this video and be able to tell us who this guy is.