(The slowest man video segment starts at 4:10)

Slowest Man Video on Good Morning America

"The Slowest Man on Earth" video was uploaded a few months ago,
it sat on YouTube for a couple of months and got a decent amount
of views (Somewhere around 8,000). Then one day the video made
it's way to the front page of Digg.com, where itrecieved over
60,000 views in 2 days.

After being on Digg's front page the video won the YouTube award
for "Most Viewed Video" for that day and was soon popping up all
over the internet.

About a week later, I got a phone call from the producers at "Good Morning America"
on ABC. They wanted to use my video for their new weekly YouTube segment.
The video was seen by 1000's of people and many people started asking the same
questions, so I created this mini site to provide some in-site the video.

It's funny watching the YouTube guys and Diane Sawyer talk about your stupid
little video on national TV. I also love how she says that I used "technology" to
speed up my video (create time-lapsed footage) like it's some new techniquie or
something. They also used my video to show the "extent" people go into making
these videos. I guess laying a camera on a window while eating, then uploading it
would be considered time consuming if I were manually speeding up the tape by

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Who is the slowest man on earth?
The truth? We don't know. We're hoping somebody who knows him will see this video and be able to tell us who this guy is.